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Vitamin Diet, Losing Weight With Vitamins

Vitamin Diet, Losing Weight With Vitamins

Vitamins A, C & E to Lose Weight (vitamin diet) Didn’t your mama always tell you to take your vitamin?
In this instance, mom certainly knows best because vitamins are essential to our health and our well being. There are several types of vitamins that are critical to our health. Both vitamins A and E are considered to be fat-soluble vitamins, which means that when you either take vitamins through pill form or to consume them through the food you eat, the fat tissues in your body store the vitamin for when your body needs it. Vitamin A aids with your sight, your growth, and healthy skin. Spinach, carrots, eggs, and certain fruits are some of the most popular foods containing large amounts of vitamin A. 

Vitamin C is considered to be a water-soluble vitamin that travels through your bloodstream, nourishing your body where it needs it. Whatever your body does not need or use is dispensed through your urine. They are important to help your body fight off illness and keep your body tissues healthy. Broccoli, cabbage, and citrus fruits like oranges contain large amounts of Vitamin C. The best form is liquid because it hits your bloodstream quicker than a pill or solid food. A very important vitamin to include in your diet is Vitamin E.
This vitamin is very important for the maintenance of your tissues. It is also important for your lungs so that it can protect them from pollution. Wheat, oats, nuts, leafy green vegetables, and egg yolks are important foods for the intake of Vitamin E. It is suggested that those over the age of 55 must be careful to get the right amount of vitamins in their diet, perhaps even more than the recommended daily intake for others. I’d say it’s time to listen to your mom.

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