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Symptoms of Cancer

Symptoms of Cancer

However, all cancer symptoms are very unspecific and are often very similar to those of other common and non-life-threatening diseases and illnesses. Besides that the majority of cancers do not result any symptoms at all and by the time they do the cancer cells are unfortunately already widespread.

Early detection of cancer is crucial for effective treatment. As already mentioned signs and symptoms of cancer usually occur when the disease is already greatly progressed. According to the WHO one third of death caused by cancer could be decreased if the disease would be detected and treated early when the cancer is still localized and has not metastasized. Although symptoms often indicate on greatly progressed cancer it does not necessarily mean it can not be successfully treated. For that reason is important to seek medical assistance if having any of following symptoms :

1.       lump in the breast or other part of the body
2.       difficulty in swallowing
3.       chronic hoarseness and/or persistent coughing
4.       persistent indigestion
5.       blood in the urine, stool or phlegm
6.       chronic abdominal pain
7.       change in size or shape of testes
8.       visible change of the moles
9.       sores that do not heal
Some signs and symptoms occur only in certain types of cancers. For example urination disorders are typical for prostate cancer, while bloody stools are characteristic in colorectal cancer. Besides mentioned signs and symptoms sometimes occur also other symptoms which are also very unspecific and often are not linked to cancer: loss of weight, loss of appetite, tiredness and weakness.

However, any of mentioned signs and symptoms does not necessarily imply on cancer but it is very important to consult with a professional medical practitioner if having any of mentioned symptoms as well as to pay attention on any unusual changes. After all, it will do no harm if a doctor will eliminate the possibility of a cancer but if cancer is detected in early stage the possibilities for recovery are much better.

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